21st National BBQ week 2017

Believe it or not National BBQ week is in the Top 5 of Awareness weeks & we believe that’s for good reasons!


National BBQ week marks the start of Summer for many and 4 months ahead of glorious (weather?) BBQ food and festivities. Spudulica has compiled a few rules for the perfect BBQ:

1 – If time allows use slower burning harder to light fuel, admittedly lighting the BBQ this way takes a bit more effort and a bit longer but the results are well worth the effort put in. Traditional coal and lump wood once calmed down will give you a much longer lasting even cook than instant light fuels. Not to mention traditional fuels do not have all the chemicals in and wont leave your food tasting of lighter fuel. Or you could always go to the dark side and consider using a gas BBQ…. 

2 –Fat, seasoning & lids are king. The bulk of your BBQ flavour comes from the fat form the meat hitting the BBQ coals. You can use your BBQ lid to keep the flames under control and still get all that lovely BBQ juice hitting the coals and giving you the elusive smokey BBQ flavour. The lid will also control the temperature and act as a bit of an oven making sure the heat gets to the middle of the meat and cooks it thoroughly, nobody wants food poisoning.

Seasoning – salt and pepper are compulsory.

You can also consider some flavoured smoke chips to add to the seasoned smokey flavour. Again these work best with a traditional fuel slow BBQ.

For the veggie’s out there use olive and other flavoured oils to keep the food moist and smoke coming. Just because it’s veggie doesn’t mean it should be too healthy and won’t work on the BBQ. Some of the veggie classic like Halloumi Kebabs go down the best with the meaty-est of BBQ events.

3 – Become a BBQ pro and master the use of the shelves and some direct and indirect heat sources. Quick cook items like sausages and burgers need to be on the bottom sizzling away but ribs and slower cooking meats can go up and slowly benefit form all that smoke the quick items are creating for the perfect slow cooked finish! Same for the vegetarian BBQ’er out there, get the peppers, halloumi kebabs & mushrooms on the direct heat but consider some indirect heat for the more delicate and slow cooking items like greens and sweetcorn on the top shelf benefiting form the smokey flavour coming off the other items.

If your after treating yourself to a shiny new BBQ or some accessories have a look at our BBQ section here. A selection of our current favourites are below:



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