Re- Use and Recycle those Halloween Pumpkins

Re -using that Halloween pumpkin

Halloween is now over the pumpkins can now add to your garden joy. 

You can either leave your pumpkin for local wildlife, maybe in a local park or in a hedge in your own garden or

Why not use your pumpkin as a planter?

It a lovely way to keep re -using your pumpkins and add some more colour and fertiliser to the garden.

So, either use your hollowed-out Halloween pumpkin or any squash type veg you have a home.

1. Hollow out your pumpkin and cut off the top/lid

2 .use screwdriver to put some holes in the bottom

3. Fill with soil

4. Add plants/seeds or bulbs

5. pack the open parts of the halloween pumpkin to stop the soil falling out


Pumpkins can be hydrated before carving to the pumpkin’s longevity by submerging in water.

Once a pumpkin is cut it can last 3-5 days; but can last for 2 weeks in the cold.

When the pumpkin starts to rot dig it a patch in the garden, and plant it all together. This will provide fertiliser for your new plants and seeds to grow. So completely using your pumpkin and giving it another use for the garden.

I think they look great!

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