March 2020

March in the garden – 2020

Lighter days, less rain (lets hope) warmer weather, bulbs appearing, Spring must be on the way!!

March is an exciting time for the garden, I know I’m excited to start some new projects and add some more planting to the garden this year.


Warmer weather can bring those pests – so keep an eye out!

I’m currently trying to work out what has happened to my newly sprouted bulbs that have disappeared………. Thinking squirrels.


  • Mulch any bare soil, keep those nutrients in and keep any vulnerable plants warm as the weather isn’t quite warm and dry yet.


  • Move any shrubs now! – Planning a new scheme? Don’t throw away those established plants, can they be moved to a new spot? quick how to below
  1. Mark around the shrub
  2. Dig a trench and loosen soil
  3. Tip shrub and place a sheet/geotextile underneath
  4. Lift carefully lift maybe a 2-person job and be careful of branches.
  5. Dig a hole (larger than previous) in the new position
  6. Place in shrub and fill with soil
  7. Water well and firm down soil.

Keep check on your shrub and ensure it has enough water in the first few weeks.

Great plants for March -Tulips, crocuses, heather, primula, Iris, Hyacinthe, Ivy, Primroses, and of course beautiful Daffs!

  • Keep up and prune those roses
  • Plant new climbers/ hedging plants/ hardy perennials just remember to feed and mulch to give them their best start.


  • Deadhead bulbs
  • Mow the lawn
  • Protect new shoots – those pests are back so maybe some gravel or tape to keep them at bay!
  • Prep can also start on a veg or fruit bed ready to sow any seedlings outside as the month continues.


Lets get this growing season off to a great start!



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