A spotlight on EcoGrid – E40

EcoGrid – E40

A global market leader,
A revolutionary paving grid that not only is easy to install it can save you even more time and money by reducing the aggregate layers you need for your project.
Need a quality paving product with technical and aesthetic applications?
EcoGrid E40 is for you!
100% recycled and made in Germany in a high-tech facility, this porous paving grid has no shortage of uses.

Erosion control: Domestic driveways and patios; Carparks; Shed bases; Base for resin bound projects; Equestrian arenas; Farming & Temporary pathways – just lift and re-use.
A great solution for creating a fantastic finish in your project with a variety of finishes, gravel, grass, resin bound stone, planting. The grid can also be easily covered once installed.
A simple solution to water drainage issues in one product.
No need for an impermeable surface to be installed, no longer is concrete or asphalt a serious contender.
Consider your local eco systems and environment, we no longer need a short-term mentality. Our local environment is but a small part of our worldwide ecosystem.
E40 – EcoGrid has a 40mm depth
Tiles 300x300mm size – 9 tiles per M
Independently tested to 500+ tonnes per M or 20 tonne axle loads.
Firm and secure locking system.
Order now to be a part of the permeable revolution!
Perfect professional finish, turn heads with this impressive and sought after solution.

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