Alloments – Get your own and grow your own.

Got an allotment? We’ve got you covered.

Well aren’t you the lucky one, in some areas of the county waiting lists for allotments can be up to years long.

You need to get to our site at for all those allotment essentials.

If you want an allotment you need to go to your local council website they will have allotments areas already set up and ready for allocation. You fill in a short form to register for a plot or leave your details to join a wait list for a site you want.

Locally (Wirral) our allotments are £120 for a full year or £60 for half a plot for the year. They also provide guidance on what to do with your allotment, some of the options are required.

Link below sure there is something on there for everyone.

National allotment society also has handy hints and tips

Allotment facts

1.Allotments are measured in poles a measurement that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times.

  1. In 1908 small holdings and allotment act meant that local authorities must provide allotment space for the public to grow food if there was a demand for it.

Running an allotment is a joy, space to grow and plant what you want in a new space surrounded by likeminded people.

You will probably pick up all kinds of hints an tips along the way.

But to get you started we have some ideas, weather you want to grow your own or just make an oasis of calm away from the kids Spudulica home and garden have your allotment covered.

We stock gardening supplies really geared to you. A small family business focussing on the small family gardener………………. sorry allotment owner!

Buy the edging by the pieces/ closest length – you choose

Buy paving grid by 1m2 – 9 pieces at a time

Geotextile sizes form 1m width by 1m length up to full rolls if you have a lot of projects in mind.

Geotextile both woven and non-woven cut to your size requirements, your bound to need geotextile for weed suppression or plant protection at some point. Only buy the sizes you need – don’t buy a whole roll if you don’t need too.

1.1m width or 2.25m width at any length required.

Edging can keep planting and path way areas separated – structure is not for everyone but a pathway is a great way to get the wheelbarrow about.

Pathways suffer from mud? – use EcoGrid E30 to make those paths ready for all weathers. Make it easy to move your wheelbarrow about. Even if you want to change it you can just lift the tiles and set up in another place.

Even adding as a shed base would also be a great use for this versatile product.

Grow bags, start off seedlings ready to transplant into your allotment, even grow small plants inside to decorate your little patch of Eden. Easy to use and move at will.

A hose pipe ban coming in? we’ve got water tanks to suit minimum space – 200l slim design tanks wall mounted or shed mounted.

Just think what you can achieve in your own allotment space.

Enjoy it its a journey and we can be by your side at 


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn

Any queries give us a call on 0151 515 1415 to speak to our helpful staff.

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