Aluminium Garden Edging – What is it and How to install

what is gardening edging?

Garden edging helps to create a finishing touch to beds, borders and pathways. Helping to define areas of the garden.

Garden edging can be made of wood, stone, plastic, aluminium, stones or blocks. Depending on your garden design you can use many materials.


Is garden edging necessary?

Garden edging is also a practical product that also helps keep grass from spreading onto paths or into borders where it is not wanted.


What is the easiest garden edging to install?

This is definitely the no dig edging options. It can be installed at any time and does not require the digging and mortar needed for some finishes.

What is best for borders?

A garden edging for borders needs to be flexible, and help create a defined edge from the rest of the garden.

How do I install garden edging?

Have a look at our handy blog to give you the step by step instructions.

see link below!

What is good garden edging?

At Spudulica we always recommend aluminium edging, it gives great definition that is long lasting and durable. It can easily be cut and curved to your specific garden requirements. It has a great fin a good garden edging?ish that is not only practical but will be a talking point in your garden design.

What else can aluminium garden edging be used for?

Aluminium edging can also be used for more outdoor projects. Our 19mm edge is perfect as an edge for resin bound gravel solutions. Helping to create a prefect edge for your new permeable paving solutions.

Our 64mm edge is also perfect as an edge to other permeable paving solutions such as our stocked range of EcoGrid  E40 with a gravel infill. Helping to keep the gravel in place once added to the EcoGrid pieces.


The 102mm is another option if you want to do a deep fill with a permeable paving grid or you just have a healthy amount of gravel to install. A great versatile product with practical and aesthetic options. Each piece comes in 2m lengths with a  silver aluminium finish;

Connectors and pegs supplied.

Need any help with your garden plans get in touch at, lets help you to get your garden up to scratch!

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