Aluminium manhole recessed covers


Spudulica home and garden now selling recessed aluminium manhole covers on!

We are stocking 2 main types double sealed and triple sealed in multiple sizes (I will add at the end) also some covers will also be available in an ultra-shallow depth (40mm).

OK; why aluminium recessed manhole covers??

At Spudulica we want you to enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces!


Somewhere in your property or garden you may have a manhole cover, this might be for water, gas, drains or secret tunnels.

So why when we are all aiming to beautify our surroundings why should we put up with an old ugly rusted manhole cover?

We can’t cover them so now we have a solution. These new aesthetic aluminium covers can blend seamlessly into your tiled/paved or grassed area. No more large silver square in the middle of your driveway or patio. Your blocks, sand, gravel can be placed into the recessed part of the cover blending it into its surrounding. While the mesh can help reinforce the aggregate inside the cover.


Alusthetic recessed aluminium manhole covers are made from extruded aluminium with a galvanised steel base and reinforcement mesh.

They have an EN124 load bearing – so no need to worry if your installing yours on a driveway.

They also come with lifting keys, so that if access is needed to the gas, water, not so secret tunnels it can be done easily.

They are also water and odour proof.

The Double sealed cover has 2 seals 1. Close to the base 2. A T rubber seal to eliminate dirt and stops odours. This cover has a loading of 40KN.

The triple sealed cover has 3 seals 1 and 2 EPDM (rubber) seals at the base and the middle and a 3rd T seal on the outside to eliminate dirt and stopping odours. Theses covers also have a lorry loading of 75KN. The triple sealed range also includes an ultra-shallow selection see below.



Shallow Triple sealed sizes – 40mm depth

  (Opening size – overall size)

300x300mm – 390×390

600x450mm – 690x540mm

600x600mm – 690x690mm


Triple sealed sizes and doubled sealed sizes

(Opening size – Overall size)

150mm x 150mm – 240mm x 240mm overall

300mm x 300mm – 390mm x 390mm overall

400mmx400mm  – 490mm x 490mm overall * triple only

450mm x 450mm – 540mm x 540mm overall

600mm x 450mm – 690mm x 540mm overall

600mm x 600mm – 690mm x 690mm overall

750mm x 600mm – 840mm x 690mm overall

750mm x 750mm – 840mm x 840mm overall

900mm x 600mm – 990mm x 690mm overall

900mm x 900mm – 990mm x 990mm overall

1000mm x 1000mm – 1090mm x 1090mm overall

Please be aware all sizes are given in clear opening measurements; the overall size is larger.


Any queries give us a call on 0151 515 1415 or 07852311873.




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