annuals or perennials??

Annuals or Perennials?? If your new to the gardening bug, then you might be undecided on what type of plants to fill your garden or plant pots. Annuals and perennials are two categories of plants that can really add something to your garden. Annuals live for one year and include lavender, geranium, dianthus. This means they grow, flower, produce seeds then die. They need replacing the next year. These plants are easy to pick up and look after. They also can self-seed themselves, so even if the original plant dies you may get another the next year grown from the previous one. Perennials are plants that come back year after year. These plants do not die in winter but go dormant and then re grow in spring. These plants include hydrangeas, peonies and clematis. These types of plants last longer in years but have a shorter blooming time; they also seed and bloom in the second year. The hardier perennial can return for many years into the future. Annuals are usually sold in larger amounts and can be referred to as bedding plants. This allows you to plant them and create an instant planting area in their garden full. They also bloom for a longer period than perennials. Perennials are sold individually and cost more- this is as they have taken longer to grow and care for by the nursery growing them. It is of course possible to plant a mixture together; or see what works in your outdoor space. Also consider your time and availability to be in your garden maintaining your plants it might be easier to stick to one type over the other. Pots/planters look lovely full of annuals and the pots wont need covering or watching over winter as the plants will have died off. So, if winter gardening in the cold is not your thing annuals might be for you. You can start again the next year with some new annuals; this would be great to find out the best fit for you and great if you like changing things around –  re vamping the garden each spring. I suppose it could mean a bit more money in the long run but that would take a few years! Perennials will survive in your garden spaces over winter and flower in the second year. They provide a new plant and then a lovely introduction of blooms in next year. Probably costing less in the long run and if cared for can survive longer. Not as instant as an annual but a better choice if you are trying o build your garden for the future. As usual this discussion comes down to personal preference, time, and garden space. What works in some patio planters will not work for a large bed in a landscaped garden. Let’s get out there and see what we can do Remember 2018 is the year of the garden!!

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