Autumn 2020


I know it seems we are only just getting to grips with this year, but the months have slid past with surprising pace.

Yes, October is nearly here so the season continue. Autumn is coming so let us keep up in the garden. It a time of uncertainty yet again but getting about in the garden can be just the tonic you need.

With autumn coming let us start clearing those leaves out of pots and start adding to your compost heap. Remember to keep some leaves in a heap for those mini beasts. Maybe use the leaves to create a mulch, depends how many you get in your garden!

Lets plant bulbs for next spring, I have gone for tulips purple and a mix of pink and yellow in my front pots this year. Most of them are new and have not had bulbs in before. Having to plan minimal activities for next spring due to building work at the rear of the house.

You can also plant some winter loving plants ready for the festive season.

Do you have any plants that need dividing? Or want to start some new cuttings? Now’s the time! Why not use seeds or cuttings as gifts into the festive season, a lovely gift for another gardener.

Why not collect seeds from the plants you like, then you can have next year.

Now is also the time to tidy up hanging baskets and planters, why not give the plants some food ready for the winter. New plants that love to be planted now are broccoli, beetroot, carrots, and cauliflower. Flowers include asters, primroses, and violets. No need to have a bare and sparce garden during the autumn winter period.

Also use this time to evaluate the year, what is worked? What would you like to try next? Do you need to rethink any choices? Do pots need moving? Seems an easy job but can take a while to figure out.


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