Autumn – Garden Jobs

Autumn – Garden Jobs

Why not do some autumn jobs that will pay off for the rest of the year

Ways to re-use and recycle through autumn and winter for the new seasons to come.



Your garden will thank you!

Hugel beds

A Hugel bed is a great way to create fertiliser and water rich area for spring.

A Hugel bed is a raised bed that is layered with organic material. It stores water and is also aerated so no need to mix and till the soil.

You can start with an unused bed or you can dig a trench and create you own. A Hugel bed is also great if you want to create beds for next year, creating more garden space and re-planning and getting the area ready for its new growth.

The bottom layer of a Hugel bed is logs, the on top layer branches sticks and smaller logs. Then layer with leaves, compost, kitchen and garden waste, a Hugle bed is also great for recycling those autumn leaves and cutting from the garden. Then cover these layers with soil, make sure it is a very good layer of soil and your Hugel ed is now approx. 3ft high. You can always plant the Hugel bed with a crop to keep it together and provide some winter interest. Then when this planting is finished in the new year you can mix it back into the soil and cover with straw; adding to the organic matter within the bed. By spring you bed will be packed full of nutrients for that new spring planting!


Compost/Compost Bin

Making compost could be be simpler, especially in these autumn months when leaves, cuttings, grass, and summer plants are in ready supply to give your compost a great start.

A compost can be built to your own requirements, using wire mesh, old pallets, or an old plastic tub or barrel. Just mix in any organic waste you have and keep covered. Just be sure to no put in any dairy, meat or bread into your compost bin.  You don’t want to attract animals. With Christmas coming up you can also compost your cardboard!

Just think over autumn you can use your waste and garden waste to create a brilliant fertiliser for your new growing season.



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