Autumn in the Garden

Autumn Gardens,

Its autumn and the days are darker and wetter.

There are still some jobs to keep your garden going for the next few months before the winter starts. There are several plants that can keep your garden looking bright and beautiful even as the leaves fall.

Asters, cyclamen, Fuchsia, Dahlia, Pansies, Heather all can add a splash of colour.

  • Collect the leaves and start composting
  • Plant spring bulbs
  • Mulch beds and borders,
  • Plant autumn hanging baskets for extra colour
  • Clean up your greenhouse/cold frame
  • Buy new or check your garden equipment
  • Plant evergreen shrubs and trees
  • Aerate and scarify your lawn to prevent waterlogging and increase lawn growth
  • Don’t forget your local wildlife, provide bird food and clean out bird baths

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