Available at Spudulica – Kits to make your jobs easier

At Spudulica home and Garden we want to make your pruchases easy and stress free. Doing outdoor projects and DIY can be stressful enough. We offer a range of products in kits, this allows you to buy what you need in 1 purchase while not over buying. 

We offer a solution for many outdoor activities – take a look.

Soakaway kits

Does your garden need a soakaway solution, no need to trawl the internet for what you need just buy our handy kit.

Each kit contains crates geotextile cut to size and tape to secure. Each crate is 190l PSM1A crate. Different Litre sizes are available 190L/380L/760L/1140L/1520L/2280L. Delivered all together so you can get going straight away. Ready to wrap/ tape then install in the ground.

Geotextile kits

Another time saver is our geotextile supplied with pins. Get piece of 100gsm non-woven geotextile fabric is pre cut to a variety of sizes and supplied with the required number of metal U pins to secure firmly. Buy what size you need and don’t buy any more than required. All supplied together in one box for delivery. So you’re ready to go.

Non-woven geotextile blog button link – is non-woven geotextile right for your project – take a look

Arena packages

Ready to spruce up your horse arena for 2023 then our arena packs may suit you.

We offer 2 types.

  1. Non-woven geotextile and tape
  2. Non oven and woven membrane and tape.

Type one will be when your just refreshing the surface of your arena and type 2 will be if you are doing a full re- do of the whole area and its sub layers.  Membranes supplied in a variety of size options 20x20m/20x40m/30x40m/40x40m and what’s supplied for each size it listed.

Quality geotextiles to support your arena into the future.

200L wall mounted option - installed with linking kit

Rain water harvesting systems

Another bundle item we stock is in our water saving category. We can supply RainCatcher tanks in 2x sizes with a variety of accessories. These UK made and designed tanks have included ingress and egress points with a fully removeable lid. Made to be an aesthetic addition to the garden as well as practical. Save water and money once in use.

We stock a 200l wall mounted option or a 750L floor tank. Both with a selection of diverters and tap options. Again buy once and receive all the items together to continue your install.

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