Bodenmat Temporary Flooring – Where and how to use

What are the benefits of temporary flooring?

Temporary flooring solutions are an integral part of any event or site access. You need a stable and non slip surface. Temporary flooring is perfect for a variety of events  both outdoor and indoor. Indoor to help with a stable platform for indoor bars, displays, stages or light rigs. Outdoor to stop erosion of path ways and grassed areas. It is also great for construction sites and vehicular acces.

Event/site flooring can be easily installed where you need it; then once used easily lifted stored to be reused again and again. A great affordable solution when you can re use the flooring. Just wash and store ready to go for the next event.

Temporary flooring can allow you to have more access to event spaces for both able and disabled customers or to access more of a site. It will also protect the flooring surface underneath, weather this be antique wood flooring or  grassed areas. Or allow trucks or vehicals to move about easily.

Your temporary flooring may also be a great investment as it will allow you to control flooring conditions; making sure they are safe and ready for use that in turn could prevent accidents and posible claims against companies and events. Site safety is important!

Introducing Bodenmat

What is Boden mat?


An amazing temporary flooring system. With a T & G (tonge and groove) connection system ready for your next event or site access.

A heavy duty solution thats 100% recycled.

  • Each piece is 1200x800x22mm
  • Non slip
  • No pegs or clips needed
  • Ramp pieces avaliable
  • Tested to 200t/m2 load – DIN EN ISO 179 – Bend strength 
  • UV resistant 
  • OIL/Grease/Ammonia resistant – DIN 51958

What is the specification of bodenmat?

What is the loading  of bodenmat?


Where can I use temporary flooring ?

Have a floor suface that needs covering?

Bodenmat is for you. It also has a load capcity of 200t/m2 ready for even the heaviest applications.

Temporary flooring perfect to cover any ground surface with no need to prep the ground.

Easy to put down then pick up once used.

Great for temporary applications and events e.g. festivals to prevent ground wear from visitors feet.


How do I install temporary flooring?

Make sure your surface is clear for best results. Lay out your pieces of temporary flooring making sure they are connected at the edges and cover the area you need reinforcing. Now your ready to use, simple as that.

Summer 2022 is the season of events, lets celebrate our freedom and get togther.

Get in touch to make sure your event has the best solution for temporary flooring. 

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