Bringing the outdoors indoors!!

The great part about gardening is that you can do it anywhere even inside.

It’s a great way finish off a room and scratch that gardening itch; without having to have any outside space. Just remember the daily watering! Another way to go is with cactus or succulent plants if you don’t think you can manage the daily watering. These are plants that grow in water scarce places and store their own water and so only need a little Here is a quick how to on planting your own succulent/cactus display –
  1. Select your vessel. Basically you need something to put your soil and plant in and the sky’s the limit cups, bowls, pots, vases, boxes, barrels, jars bottles I’m sure there are many amazing ideas out there!
2.Make sure your soil is mixed with sand/cactus soil. Also make sure the vessel has some stones at the bottom for drainage.3. Select your plants. There are a wide range of succulents and cactus’s so pick what you like try and visualize what you want your display to look like. Odd numbered amounts always look visually better and mixing tall and short or having a larger display plant can give your display some interest. 4.Fill your vessel with the stones then your sand /soil mix 5.Take your plants out of their pots (from the garden centre) into the prepared places for them. Its always a good idea to look at how the plants might be arranged before placing them into the soil properly. Also make sure the plants are above the rim of the planting vessel this will help stop water pooling around the plants when they are watered. 6.When you have planted all your plants and are happy with their position you can lightly water them then cover with gravel. This is not essential but does give a lovely contrast between the plant foliage and the gravel, and helps create a more finished look to your arrangement. You will now have a lovely cactus/succulent display to enjoy. Bringing some of the joy of gardening indoors.

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