Our faithful spring bulbs have started off the season and are making our gardens look beautiful.

But what to do with them once they are done?

Most bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are annual bulbs and will come up every year. You can leave them in place; just make sure you fertilise the area to ensure a good show next year. Or you could pull up the bulbs and keep them same to replant next year. Maybe you want to plan a new bulb display next year or you fancy a change.

Its easy to do –

1.First let the flowers, stem and leaves die off; make sure all areas are yellow/brown before cutting

2.Leave the bulbs in the soil for a while for them to absorb nutrients from the soil so it is ready to go next year.

3.Remember to cut the flowers off quickly, once they are past their best this will stop the bulb from attempting to make a brand-new bloom. You want to keep its energy for next year.

4. Lift the bulbs and store in a cool dry place for 24 hrs.

5. Now you can pack the bulbs carefully in cardboard boxes and newspaper. Keep them in a cool dry environment. When you are ready to re plant out next year just check the bulbs are firm and look healthy, any soft and smelly ones need to be thrown away.

6.Be sure you have the correct bulbs for what your planning, do not forget to label them.

Now you are ready to re plant your bulbs in new and exciting ways year on year.


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