Butterfly feeders

Butterfly feeders

Another crafty blog from Spudulica.co.uk, great on for summer. Bring more beautiful butterflies to your garden with your own butterfly feeders. Lets those creative juices flow and get the kids involved!



Paper plate

Bottle cap

Sharp pencil



Coloured pens/pencils

Once made somewhere to hang it – sturdy plant/bush/small tree

Old fruit/sugar water


Get your paper plate and glue the bottle cap to the centre.

Make 3 (or more) holes in the edge of the plate using your pencil.

Thread the string through and knot the string at the underside f the plate.

Then get the 3 (or more) strings together and cut to the same length.

Now knot the 3 strings together.

Now you can decorate the plate, use your brightest and vary your colours. Butterflies are attracted to lovely bright colours, especially purple.

Now take outside and hang in your garden

Add old banana or sugar water to the bottle cap in the centre of the butterfly feeder.

Now wait for those beautiful butterflies to visit.

Great way to introduce more butterflies to the garden and a fun activity to do in the summer.

You could possibly swap a paper plate for a colourful plastic plate for more longevity. You may need a drill to make the holes for this example.

Happy Making!

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