New Website Features

New Website – New Features We are hoping you enjoying our new look website, We wanted to show you some of its new features so you can shop quickly and easily find what you want. We have spent a lot of time and sleep less nights trying to get the best site together we could. […]

How do I know if I need a specialist membrane?

Spudulica home & Garden has been the home of the pre cut small non-woven geotextile since 2016. We are proud to supply any DIY or home garden project with the sizes that suit you. Our standard 100gsm white membrane is still our best seller and that because we source the best we can find and […]

More New Products

Boden Mat Here Bodenmat Another flooring system ideal for event and soil protection. Do you have an area that is always effected by foot or wheeled traffic? This could be the solution! Bodenmat is a tough  non slip flooring system that is easy to lay and connect together. It can be laid with little preparation […]

Why does my patio not drain?

Why does my patio not drain? When it rains do you have problems with puddles and standing water?  Be aware that  this may be part of a larger issue, if your garden patio or decking area is not draining it could lead to more problems. More impermeable surfaces has caused an increase in sanding water […]

How do I measure a manhole cover?

How to measure for a new manhole cover? If you need to replace an old manhole cover just check out this handy blog. Firstly check out what type of manhole cover you have and what area it is in; then consider if the areas usage will change e.g. an outdoor manhole cover being integrated into […]

How do I lift a manhole/access cover?

Lifting your manhole cover  At spudulica we supply a few types of manhole/access cover so this week we are highlighting not just the installing of these products but what to do if you have a cover that needs lifting.   There are many types of manhole/access cover. But they all need to be lifted to […]