How do I Prepare for a Geotexile Layer?

Geotextiles are great fabrics that can be used for a variety of projects. They help provide a layer between sub base layers and help with load bearing. Depending on the type of geotextile your using they can also have additional benefits. Geotextiles Here Unsure what geotextile you need?  check out our handy blogs to help […]

Geotextile Ground Preparation

Your ready to start your DIY project, lets make sure your base layers are prepared correctly. Adding geotextile to your sub base is a great way to add longevity to your project. Just be sure it’s done properly. Geotextile fabric wether woven or non-woven can add to the stability and strength of your sub base. […]

Overlap – Your questions answered

  When laying geotextile fabric woven or non-woven you need to make sure any edges are overlapped to create a continuous surface for the geotextile layer.  Providing a stable separation and stabilisation layer. When deciding on the amount of geotextile required for your project you may need to factor in overlap requirements. Overlap is a […]