Geotextile Ground Preparation

Your ready to start your DIY project, lets make sure your base layers are prepared correctly. Adding geotextile to your sub base is a great way to add longevity to your project. Just be sure it’s done properly. Geotextile fabric wether woven or non-woven can add to the stability and strength of your sub base. […]

How to Cut Geotextile Fabric?

  Your ready to start your project, laid down the membrane; but wait it needs trimming to fit your garden project.  A few tips on keeping your geotextile neat… What do you cut geotexile fabric with? Firstly, you will need a Stanley blade (or similar) that is new and sharp, scissors can be used on […]

Protecting newly Planted seedlings

Now is the time to put those seedings into the garden. After weeks caring for them indoors you want them to do their best when in the garden. After hardening off the seedlings, another period of vigilance is needed. Seedlings are at risk from pests, diseases, sun, and wind damage. If you have an outdoor […]

Naturally keeping pests away

Keeping Garden pests at bay; As we look forward to summer; seeing more garden growth and new discoveries every day. It is hard to remind yourself that out there in the garden are pests lurking to munch on your lovely new growth and veggies. This week we are looking into what you can do to […]

The March Garden

Yes Spring is here….. The first month of spring is here, it’s a tricky one weather wise; but there are still things to do in the garden. You’ve probably noticed out and about that spring bulbs are starting to appear let’s hope they are also adding some colour to your garden and bringing some joy […]


Yes, we have survived “The Beast from the East” some of us can expect some more bad weather to come. I’m hearing that Easter will be a cold one this year! Let’s not panic yes 2018 is the year of the garden and us getting our green spaces in order but please don’t worry about […]

The good the bad and the ugly

Tip for bringing the “good” guys to your garden and ideas on how to minimize the “bad” guys. Even the best gardener has to be on their guard to keep those pesky plant eaters at bay, but you can try a few things to try and keep these “bad “guys at a minimum and on someone else’s […]