Do I need to water my pots in winter?

Most plants do have a slow or no growth period in winter, especially in very cold weather. This means you can reduce watering of plants outdoors, but don’t forget your watering all together. In winter cold conditions and wind can dry soil, even in a dormant state this can be detrimental to plants. There are […]

How do I stop waterlogging? – Ideas and Solutions

How to combat waterlogging? Waterlogging occurs when water cannot drain away, because the ground is saturated with water. This can also happen as some soils drain poorly or are very compacted. Waterlogging can be a nuisance but can also have long term implications such as killing plants and trees in your garden and adding to […]

where do I need to lay a geotextile? – projects explained

Do I need to lay geotextile membrane under? Gravel-patio/paving Artificial grass Sheds Ponds Paths Driveway Horse arena Slope management Yes! Geotextile membrane fabric is a versatile construction material that provides many properties for your construction jobs. Just be sure you have the right geotextile for your needs. Geotextiles come in 2 road categories Woven and […]

Overlap – Your questions answered

  When laying geotextile fabric woven or non-woven you need to make sure any edges are overlapped to create a continuous surface for the geotextile layer.  Providing a stable separation and stabilisation layer. When deciding on the amount of geotextile required for your project you may need to factor in overlap requirements. Overlap is a […]

Geotextile terms explained

Geotextile, Terram, garden fabric, membrane, garden membrane, landscape fabric, weed fabric, weed membrane, all terms for one thing. A commercial construction fabric used in outdoor applications. You might be even be faced with ones of these tables below – how do you know what your project requires for the geotextile? Specification – non woven available […]

New to Spudulica – September 2022

Now available small woven geotextiles on a roll. We have widened our range of woven geotextile sizes with some medium sized rolled products. We now have in stock 1m x50m length rolls (50m2) Or 2mx25m length rolls (50m2) Both an area of 50m2 but at different size configurations to suit your project. 100gsm woven […]

How do I protect my garden plants from frost?

Frost Protection – Geotextiles The cold season has well and truly begun, after a mild December we are set for a cold snap, and I think it’s here! Frost protection is now at the top of the garden agenda. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green house or cold frame. There are some simple […]