Whats the Best Infill for Permeable Paving?

Planning a new Driveway or Garden Area? Have you considered Plastic Permeable Paving as a Solution? Permeable Paving is now a great option as it does not Require Planning Permission in the UK. EcoGrid Options Click Here Permeable paving is an excellent match for many types of finished design – Soil Grass Gravel Decorative Stone […]

Do I Need Driveway Drainage?

Do I need driveway drainage? Basically Yes! Decided to revamp your garden or add that finishing touch your home in the shape of a driveway or patio area. Well drainage will now be something you want to consider alongside your end finish. Not only is it now a requirement to think about water management via […]

Resin Bound Stone Driveway – Step by Step

Do you want a permeable driveway solution? Is flooding an issue where you live? Does your council enforce the need for planning permission for impermeable driveway options? Is a sustainable drainage system something you would like to use? A resin bound stone driveway may becoming more popular is in 2024 permeable this will tie in […]

Resin Bound Stone Driveway – Myths Busted

https://spudulica.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/bba1c50d-d4d8-466d-8661-2e4f65aa6e46.mp4 To be clear we are talking about resin bound stone permeable driveway options not full resin poured options that are not permeable. With the local government of the UK ensuring that all new/redone driveways must now be permeable a resin bound stone option might be something you consider. Lets dispel some myths about these […]