RainCatcher Tanks 200L/750L – Highlighting Key features

What is RainCatcher? RainCatcher is a UK based company who manufacture (in the UK) their own rain collection tanks and accessories. These items can be used for many projects both commercial and domestic. What RainCatcher tanks are avaliable? We stock the 200L wall mounted and the 750L floor standing water collection tanks at spudulica home […]

Conkers – Who knew? Natures soap!

who knew? They’re natures soap! Those shiny brown game playing seeds are all the rage in autumn. Kids and adults alike scouring the ground for the fallen bounty. You will no doubt find the floor littered with the spiky green husks left after the foragers have left. Conkers are horse chestnut tree seeds and have […]

Zero Waste week -2019

Zero Waste week  2-6th September 2019 Stared in 2008 to highlight the need to reduce landfill waste; save money and preserve resources. Providing resources for schools, businesses, homeowners to reduce their own waste. “Tackling climate change starts today – in your home and business From 2nd -6 th September, people across the UK are being […]