Channel Drain Questions Answered

Channel drains also known as threshold drains, slot drains, linear drains, and as strip drains.

What is the purpose of a channel drain?

To move surface water from areas that are impermeable e’g patios, driveways also stopping flooding of areas in times of heavy rain.

Are channel drains effective?

Yes they allow water to be easily taken away from the surface and moved quickly and easily to underground drainage systems.

Best drainage for a driveway?

Channel drains are a quick and efficient way to remove water from your driveway, you need to reduce surface water runoff. Channel drains are easy to acquire and install especially when driveways are being revamped. 

What channel drain do I need?

Making sure you have the right channel drain for you project is crucial. First you ned to work out the weight the channel drains will need to support. Will it be pedestrians for lorries using the area? This will allow you to work out what loading class you will need for your channel drain.


Max load – tonnes




Pedestrian – patios



Driveway – Domestic



Small car parks



Main roads



Loading areas/ Industrial



Docks and Airports

How do I select the right channel drain?

Once you know your loading your free to choose the best ft for your project. You could also consider the size and width of the drain if you need a lot of water to be removed quickly. You can also consider where the drain will be placed do you need any extra pieces for corners or T sections?

Can I have a different grating?

Most channel drains come with a specific type of grating included, in some cases they can have multiple finishes. This is a great option as it provides you with more options for your overall garden or driveway design.

Key attributes – 

3x options black/silver/Corten for Grating

Accessories for coners, t sections and oulets avaliable

Slim design

Removeable grating

Loading 15kN

Can a channel drain complement my patio?

Yes see these pictures included in this blog!

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