Children’s Gardening – More ideas for the Kids

Children’s Gardening – More ideas for the Kids

So far, we have got out and about in the garden and used the senses.

What about creativity?

Thirdly we have had the kids paint some plant pots to display in the garden. This can be enjoyed by any age. If the weather is good it could even be done outside to minimise rogue paint splashes.

Fourthly, planting some plants!

Let’s get gardening!

Let the kids choose! We did end up with a selection of plants. But that’s part of the fun. Now let’s get physical and use our hands to prepare and plant the kids own planters. This can be extended to the kids then looking after the plants as they grow. Providing your children with real experience of nature in action. Again, depending on the age of your children you could introduce photosynthesis or more scientific aspects of nature.


“Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives” – Tomas Berry  

What about a sunflower growing challenge? This is a great one that can continue all summer long. Who’s will grow the tallest? Again providing children the chance to look after their own plant.

The main thing is to get together and have some fun!

learning through experience and making memories for the future. You might even make some helpers for future garden projects!

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