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Aluminium Manhole/Drain Access Cover’s

New high specification aluminium manhole covers coming soon to Also, now available on our eBay and Amazon stores. Use for internal and external uses. Available in both double and triple sealed – food grade neoprene seals – Odour proof. Variety of sizes and depths available – 60mm (41mm in depth tray) and 40mm (21mm in depth tray) Is seal and lockable – comes with locking key A great product if you need to replace those old style cast iron manhole covers, or prefer to have a more aesthetic finish inside or outside. Triple sealed sizes and doubled sealed sizes (Opening size – Overall size) 150mm x 150mm – 240mm x 240mm overall 300mm x 300mm – 390mm x 390mm overall 400mmx400mm  – 490mm x 490mm overall * triple only 450mm x 450mm – 540mm x 540mm overall 600mm x 450mm – 690mm x 540mm overall 600mm x 600mm – 690mm x 690mm overall 750mm x 600mm – 840mm x 690mm overall 750mm x 750mm – 840mm x 840mm overall 900mm x 600mm – 990mm x 690mm overall 900mm x 900mm –  990mm x 990mm overall 1000mm x 1000mm – 1090mm x 1090mm overall Shallow Triple sealed sizes – 40mm depth (Opening size – overall size) 300x300mm – 390×390 600x450mm – 690x540mm 600x600mm – 690x690mm Get ready to find a new manhole/drain access cover with us!!


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