Common garden pests

Green fly and Black fly – Aphids are 5mm green or black in colour. They can be found on new growth and the underside of leaves. They eat the sap of the plant and slow the growth. Easiest way to get rid of them is to knock them off the plant and squash them.

Lily beetle – Red and black in colour it wraps leaves together and leaves holes in leaves. Its grubs can be found in piles of black excrement. Again, best way to get rid id to pick off or wash off with water.

Slugs/Snails – Sure you know what they look like, these slow-moving slimy creatures nibble leaves and eat new growth and leave behind a silvery trail. They can easily be found in the evening when they are most active (in summer) and can be found hiding away in dark places in the daytime. They can be picked up and moved but somehow, they find their way back! You can trap slugs and snails or surround plants with abrasive materials like eggshell or gravel; they hate to travel over rough surfaces.

Scale nymphs – Small 4mm or less cream spots on underside of leaves. These bugs lead to poor growth as they feed on the plants sap. Their droppings can also cause mold. Tell tale signs is of poor growth and sticky reside on leaves. You can rub the effected leaves and nymphs with alcohol to help get rid of them.

Vine weevil grub – A small white grub found in roots 10mm; these grubs can really go to work on your plant’s roots destroying it completely in a short space of time. Best way is to drench roots in pesticide to stop any more damage. The vine weevil adults are black pear-shaped beetle type bug that will attack the leaves, they can be removed by hand or washing off with a hose.

It is a constant battle now the summer is here with our garden pests, lets be vigilant and we can stop any major problems early!

Follow our blog next week when we will provide details of some more natural pesticides you can make at home to keep control in the garden.


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