December – in doors


Do not forget your indoor plants this December.

Yes, the year is ending, and you have got your outdoor plants sorted. Let us take a look at our indoor ones.

Indoor plants will also be going dormant in the winter, make sure you limit the watering. Keeping up with your usual watering schedule may lead to weak growth as the plant continues to grow in its dormant stage. Only keep up with those plants that thrive and flower at this time of year.

Even though watering is needed less, indoor plants still need a good light source. It might be handy to move them to a window spot. Cleaning the leaves will also help plants to absorb all the light they need.

As the days get colder and the heating is on please be careful to keep your plants at a constant temperature, keep them away from draughts and radiators. Any moisture loss can really affect plants in the winter. Also keep an eye out for pests on the plants and they can still attack indoor plants.

Why not add some festive colour with some indoor flowering plants for the festive season. A Christmas cactus, Hyacinth, Azalea or Poinsettia.



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