Do I Need Driveway Drainage?

Do I need driveway drainage?

Basically Yes!

Decided to revamp your garden or add that finishing touch your home in the shape of a driveway or patio area. Well drainage will now be something you want to consider alongside your end finish.

Not only is it now a requirement to think about water management via law, it will also become very apparent once it rains if your household drains and garden can withstand/ absorb the water that now has less places to be absorbed or move to. Also as flooding events are only getting worse you need to plan for worst case scenario.

Driveway Drainage can come in a few forms

  • Permeable Paving – Requires no planning permission. Fully permeable surface.
  • Driveway Threshold Drains – Collects water and moves it away quickly. Easy to install but may add to the speed of water getting to shared drainage.
  • Soakaway Crates (Underneath the Ground) – Long term drainage solution for boggy ground/waterlogged areas.

Drainage is not an after thought it must be considered when you install your new driveway.

Just think if everyone in your street creates more solid and impermeable surfaces then your local rainfall will all travel to shared drainage, the water amount will increase leading to more over flowing and localised flooding. If this continues world wide then all areas of the UK will be affected this coupled with global warming is not a pretty picture. 

You can even mix and match your drainage systems, for example installing surface drainage with threshold drains that then run into installed under ground soakaway systems to slow the collected water down and to store it away from the surface.  

Making it a water saving process in one installation and a future proof system for your home.

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