Do I need geotextile membrane fabric for artificial grass? – what is it and what does it do?

Artificial grass the popular and easy way to re-vamp your garden.

Creating a green space in no time. It is also easy to maintain for those who are not green fingered. 

Like any garden project you first need to prepare your garden surface for its new finish.

What are geotextile membranes?

A geotextile membrane is a construction product used in ground and drainage projects. It has many properties that help with stabilisation, filtration, separation, weed suppression and is a necessary addition to French drains and Soakaway systems.

Why do you need a geotextile membrane layer?

A geotextile membrane will be a perfect separation and filtration layer in your artificial grass install. You don’t want water pooling on your artificial grass if it rains. Non-woven geotextile membrane allows water to pass through the layer in the soil. IT also helps inhibit weeds from disrupting your artificial grass surface. 

When should I add the geotextile layer?

Between your base and sand layer, this will not only make the base stronger it will also provide longevity. BY keeping your layers from mixing over time.

Installing artificial grass

Prepare your sub base – clear area of plants, stones, make sure the level is correct

To prevent more weeds add in woven geotextile layer if you are worried about surrounding greenery rooting through your new artificial grass area.

Fill area with sand

Do you want to edge your artificial  grass – now is the time to do it. This provides longevity to the area to stop the sand moving.

Now add your non-woven geotextile layer, if its an area of high traffic you will want to pin the geotextile down.

Now lay your artificial grass again secure with pins or glue to the membrane underneath.

Different size of woven and nono oven geotexiles available at

specifically cut for your required sizes if needed,

Buy what you need with no waste.

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