Do I Need to Edge a Path? – Garden Edging Ideas.

Do I need to Edge a path?

Pathways are a great way to add a real experience to a garden, allowing visitors to follow a specific route and enjoy all of the elements of the planting and design. They are also a practical choice if you need to navigate the garden or make it accessible for those with limited mobility. Depending on the reason for your paths you will have a variety of paving options from gravel to pattern tiles.

Another element of path ways is if you want or need to edge them. Edging a path is both practical and adds a finishing touch. Edging can help keep pathways neat and to stop lawns and plants straying onto designated walkways. They can also keep pathway finishes like gravel in place when walked over.

A neat edge can help to delineate pathway edges, there are many types available to add to your garden design. Edging can also be used to highlight features within a garden or lawn. Types include, wood, using bricks or black, wicker, and many designs in plastic.

All no dig solutions that are easy to install when paths are made but also easy to install retrospectively.

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