Do I need to water my pots in winter?

Most plants do have a slow or no growth period in winter, especially in very cold weather.

This means you can reduce watering of plants outdoors, but don’t forget your watering all together.

In winter cold conditions and wind can dry soil, even in a dormant state this can be detrimental to plants.

There are a few things you can do to help your outdoor plants in winter.

  • Keep watering frequency to once a month, but remember keep the watering amount the same.
  • Water soil and roots not stems and leaves. This prevents endangering vulnerable leaves and stopping the chance of rot and fungus.
  • Check soil to ensure how damp soil is to determine when to water.
  • Water plants in the day time in sunshine if you can. This also allows water to be absorbed before the colder night time comes.
  • Consider covering soil after watering to stop evaporation.
  • Consider extra pot drainage. Look out for wet soils, in cold temperatures this can freeze and kill your plants.
  • Move pots from windy areas
  • Cover pots with geotextile fabric to provide extra warmth and protection.
  • Move pots from the ground to stop freezing.

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