Do weeds come through artifical grass? – Questions answered and solutions provided.

Artificial turf is a great way to update your garden space quickly and easily. It is also a long term solution for those who don’t want the hassle of lawn up keep. But its not always as straight forward with nature. Weeds are tenacious and can pretty much grow anywhere. Their seeds have their own food supply so thats why you see those pesky weeds shooting up everywhere. They also need very few nutrients to survive so they can continue growing in poor soil and little to no soil.

Dont worry though there are some solutions to these weeds in your artifical grassed area.


How do I stop weeds coming through artificial grass?

Both preparation and maintenance is important with keeping weeds away from your artificial grass.

When installing your artificial grass; make sure all plants and seeds, flowers etc are removed from the area. Possibly even spray some weed killer to be sure. Then lay a geotextile fabric over your cleared soil/subbase to also inhibit weed growth.

A non-woven membrane will help inhibit weeds and help with filtration through the artificial grass base. Take a look at our range of sizes- ready to suit your project.

Garden maintenance is essential to stop weeds growing. Make sure the turf is regularly cleared and the surface kept clear. Make sure closely planted trees or plants do not over hang the area so that seeds will not drop.


Can weeds get through artificial grass?

Yes those weeds can sprout an grow pretty much anywhere. They can grow through the small backing holes of the artificial grass matting and can also grow around the edges of the area.

Can you use weedkiller on artificial grass?

Yes, it won’t effect your artificial turf. Just be careful just after application if you have pets or small children.

How do I maintain my artificial grass?

Its an easy job to rake or brush your artificial turf of debris. Maybe a quick wash with the hose to clear any stubborn bits. Then your good to go.

For a long term solution have a look –

geotextile in multiple sizes to meet your requirements for artificial grass.

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