Do you need Drainage Solutions for your Home?

Garden drainage

Does your garden or outdoor area need a drainage solution? Do you experience water pooling or localised flooding? remember we are always planning for the wettest times so that in high water events drainage solutions can still cope.

This weeks blog will have a look into a few options available to you at home.

Ditches – Drainage ditches are commonly used at the edges of fields or roadways. Providing a lower surrounding area where water can flow to away from road surfaces or fields. These ditches are usually lined with geotextile membrane and a layer of gravel at the bottom.

French drains – French drains are used to direct surface water and ground water away from a specific area. French drains are essentially a ditch also lined with geotextile and lined with gravel but with the addition of perforated pipe to help move the water to its new location.

Surface water drains – Your home already has surface drains ready to take rainwater and sewage away from your home. But with an increase in freak weather events and impermeable surfaces some homes need more surface water solutions. Threshold drains can help capture surface water and help to move it quickly to existing drains. Providing a larger surface area for water drainage from your property will help to prevent water pooling and water build up.

Underground – Does your garden suffer from drainage issues? It is wet even when it has not rained? If your soil is suitable It would be a good idea to install an underground water drainage solution. A soakaway system allows water to drain away from the surface and be distributed into the surrounding soil.

Take a look at previous soakaway specific blogs below –

These options are all fairly simple and can reduce/remove the issue of excess surface water issues.

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