EcoGrid E40 – Example use

EcoGrid E40 is a grass/gravel reinforcement grid. One of the world market leaders. Manufactured in Germany and is 100% recycled plastic. It also has a 20-year guarantee. EcoGrid E40 comes in tiles of 330×330 mm by 40 mm depth each piece can lock to the next piece. Creating a strong a stable platform that can take 500 tonnes per metre or 20 tonnes axle loaded weight. It is a versatile product that can be used for driveways, pathways, parking areas, shed bases, and temporary surfaces etc. Each tile weighs 0.58KG and is resistant to acids, oils and alkali. For this Spudulica home and garden ( blog we are focusing on the applicationfor a shed/ outdoor room base. The area for the garden room previously was a bed left to its own devises for 2 years. Fairly mature plants had gone wild. This was cleared and the bed taken down to bring it down to the level of the paving. The area was then also levelled, and geotextile membrane placed down. Then the EcoGrid was laid down for the footprint of the garden room. A small amount of sand and gravel was added in to the matrix of the EcoGrid to stop any shifting sideways when the structure of the garden room was being erected. The EcoGrid will provide a stable and strong reinforcement for the sandy soil underneath the shed, helping to stop movement and with the longevity of the project. As EcoGrid is a fillable grid this also allows us to plant around the shed. When the structure is finished soil can be added and then seeds and plants added to grow up the garden room; returning some nature to that part of the garden.

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