EcoGrid – Is plastic Paving any Good?

Are plastic paving grids any good?

Yes, there are some time served and tested paving grids available in the market. Just make sure you find the genuine article, there are so many options out there that have no testing and will fail very quickly.

Just press the button above, EcoGrid is a 100% recycled paving system with patented locking system. Its  tested to a 500 tonne loading (when filled) and even comes with a 20yr guarantee!

Environmentally carbon neutral too. They have even tested older projects for micro plastics and found any loss to the grid edges was not dispersed into the local environment but compacted in the grid piece.

EcoGrid a world leader in permeable plastic paving, a full range of products to meet your needs.

A fully recycled Plastic product that can be re-used then recycled once again.

This grid system is used globally in agriculture, construction, horse arenas, military roads, access routes, verges and home usage.

A perfect system if you need to be SUDs compliant and no need for planning permission like impermeable options like tarmac.

EcoGrid tried and tested –

20 year guarantee

UV stable

Recycled Plastic

Full range to cover many applications

Each piece is 330x330mm with a patented interlocking system

NATO certified

CE marked

TUV certified

Frost resistant

Multiple load testing

Take a look below for some information on the types of EcoGrid available. Also some examples on what projects would suit each type.

Remember EcoGrid is stocked in the Uk and ready to be shipped to you.

Not all plastic paving is made equal – EcoGrid is the best!

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