Finishing Touches – Flexible Edging

March is upon us and now the growing season is about to start – well when the snow disappears!

We are all looking forward to the longer light and sunnier weather. Thoughts turn back to the rest of the garden. Is it time to revamp old pots? Move out garden furniture? Paint the shed and decking? Does your grass need taming? Do those little bits need finishing for you to have the best summer in the garden?!

This week we are focusing on a new product range that can help you get your garden summer ready, and help you add a finishing touch.

Flexible Edging

Edging is an easy and quick way to revamp garden borders and grassed areas. Or do you want to create more definition in a planting scheme? Or create a pathway? There are many types out there ranging from plastic decorative panels, wooden logs, wire, even plastic with lights in. It really is a minefield; it does though have a lovely effect on the garden and help to keep borders and pathways neat. It gives a definite edge between areas. Also, once installed it will continue to help create neat areas for example being able to cut grass right up to the edge so it doesn’t go onto a pathway.

The flexible edge we now stock is made from recycled plastic and come in green and black. Also comes in two heights 45mm and 60mm. It is a minimal style as it just consists of a plain piece of plastic with feet for securing down. This gives a neat line in the Ares that you want them. This will allow you to keep your garden areas neat and help to create a sleek and tidy effect. Keeping gravel free from other planted areas for example.

The edging is easy to install.

1.Chose the areas you want to edge

2.Lay the flexible edge along the ground; with the flat side towards the area to edge e.g. grass

3.Use pegs into the feet to secure down; this can be done using your boot or a mallet

4.Make sure pegs are secure

5.Now fill over the feet with whatever your going to have in your next section e.g. gravel

It is also easy to remove if you want to create something different in the future; just pull up the pegs and then remove the edging. Disconnect the pieces and give it a hose down then its ready to be used again.

The edging can be brought by the length and comes with pegs supplied. So it doesn’t matter what size of area you need it for! Also, the separate pieces easily overlap to allow you to create a seamless finish. It also means you can do straight lines or curves depending on what you require.

So have a look and get planning for summer

Remember 2018 is the year of the garden so summer will be great!

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