Flexible Garden Edging – How to secure it? Aluminium and Plastic options covered

Create a neat edge to meet your requirements

Need to delineate your garden or want to highlight a tree or pathway?

Then garden edging Is for you. A quick an easy option for your garden.

Available from Spudulica.co.uk in both plastic and aluminium options to suit different aesthetics and budgets.

The main focus of this week blog will be how to secure both these types and how each type joins together, hopefully showing you how quick and easy it can be.

See some of our previous blogs specifically about the aluminium garden edging.


And the flexible plastic edging options at spudulica home and garden.


A quick recap on the main points with each type of edging –

Aluminium Edging

2m lengths at various heights

Jointing pieces

Metal spikes provided

Easy to cut and curve

Images show connection pieces

Pre cut holes for metal securing pins

Pins are 250mm length

Flat topped to fit flat and pointed end to help with insertion

See how easy it is to insert the connection pieces into the pre made groove

Snug fit with flat topped pins
Jointing pieces slide into pre made slots on each piece
Easily insert metal pins into pre drilled holes

Plastic Flexible Edging

Available in 2x colours and 2x heights 45mm/60mm green/black

Links together

Tough plastic spikes provided

Can be formed into a circle

See the pre cut section on the base for the pins to be fitted easily

Plastic pins are 160mm length for security

Domed top so can be lifted if required

See how you connect the two pieces together, each piece has  pre prepared area for overlap to the next piece to give a continuous finish.

Pin and curve as required
Long sturdy pins supplied
Easily insert into pre prepared holes in the edges base



Coming soon to spudulica.co.uk a new HD edging option, keep a look out in our blog section for more details!

Any garden edging queries give us a call 0151 515 1415 or email hello@spudulica.co.uk.

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