Focus on Woven geotexile membrane – What is it and what does it do?

Focus on woven geotextile membrane

A geotextile membrane is a construction product used in ground and drainage projects. It has many properties that help with stabilisation, filtration, separation, weed suppression and is a necessary addition to French drains and Soakaway systems.

Today we focus on one main type – woven membrane

What is a woven membrane?

A fabric made of plastic tapes woven together to make a strong and durable membrane. It is used for reinforcement, stabilisation, and separation layers. This type of membrane has a high load capacity and is used in road and high traffic situations.


Does woven membrane let water through?

Woven geotextile has low permeability and cannot be used for filtration.

What is the difference between woven and non-woven geotextile fabric?

Not only are the two types made differently they have different properties that make them more sited to particular jobs. Also look and feel different.

They sound similar bur are not.

Can I use woven fabric as a warning layer?

This fabric is usually a black colour. It can also be found in orange as a warning layer for contaminated soils.

This strong woven geotextile is a great way to provide a warning and a separation layer between potentially hazardous ground and layers on top. The woven geotextile is a sheet created with woven plastic stands to provide a strong and robust layer within the soil. The geotextile is also a great stabilisation layer and can stand pressure from above. Keeping your new layers of sand/soil/grit etc away from contaminates below.


Buy woven – sizes to suit you.

Come and check out what we have in stock,

or give us a call if your unsure what geotexile you need.

0151 515 1415

coming soon we will be stocking a 1 x 50m roll and a 2 x 25m roll of tough woven geotextile, sent on a roll for easy use.

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