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Another useful blog to add to our new year new garden series

Looking into the spring/summer and excited for our 2018 growing season!

Nothing is more satisfying than growing then eating produce from you garden. You also become super protective of anything that grows. They may be small, slightly misshapen or downright odd looking – but they are yours!

Depending on what you fancy planting and what space you have there are loads of options for things to grow! Some even grow well in pots and planters.

Easy veg –

Salad leaves



Broad beans



Easy fruit –







Growing salad leaves

A very easy and useable veg to have in the garden. How exciting would it be to go out into your garden and bring inside the salad to accompany your next meal?? Lettuce seeds can be sown in borders or containers. They need composted and well-draining soil. They need to be sown in 1cm deep rows in a sunny spot. When the seeds are sown just cover with compost. Then remember too water and feed your container/border. Salad leaves can be cut when grown and can re-grow and give you a few salad crops. You could even plant them in different levels in the soil so that as one finishes another will grow after it.


Strawberries can be grown from seed but usually found as juvenile plants. They can be planted our spring-summer in a sunny but sheltered area. Strawberries need deep root space but are happy enough in hanging baskets or planters. To ensure lovely big strawberries feed and water your plants regularly. Strawberries are also helped by adding straw to the bases of the plants (see the benefits of mulching in a previous blog).

Growing veg brings its joys but also will make your garden a more attractive place for pests and birds (strawberries are just too good) just be vigilant and remove the sticky slimy ones and netting will foil those pesky birds stealing your fruit.

Herbs can also be a great way to start your journey into produce in you garden. Most are easy to grow and easy to sample from. Just find a sunny area and watch them grow. Just a quick mention for mint; it has a lovely smell and can deter some garden pests, BUT it has a thug like nature and can take over a growing space if given slightest chance! Best kept in a pot in my experience! I think it took me 2 years to finally find all the off shoots that had grown down the side of my border.

A new garden is always full of trial and error, especially finding out what veg and fruit does well in your space. Always good to try 3 options and see how they do; also keeping the amount down means you can easily give them your attention and more chance of a successful crop! (even if it is 3 small potatoes!)

You could even document your attempts by creating a garden journal; jotting down the items you tried when planted etc. This will give you an easy reference guide in the future for what to try next year and any successes and pitfalls you’ve had this year. It’s definitely something we could all use when we are stood in the shop deciding what seeds to plant.

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