How do I protect my garden plants from frost?

Frost Protection – Geotextiles

The cold season has well and truly begun, after a mild December we are set for a cold snap, and I think it’s here! Frost protection is now at the top of the garden agenda. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green house or cold frame. There are some simple ways to keep your new and vulnerable plants warm.


You can mulch any expose areas of the garden with bark/compost/leaves/manure/straw just make sure it’s a good 3 inches deep. This will not only keep your plants roots warm but help supply nutrients. You could also use cardboard boxes, any left after Christmas? Sheeting and geotextiles are also a good way to protect plants both from cold ground and wind. Established or hardy plants will most likely survive the cold but keep an eye out if they start to look a little forlorn. Potted plants also need some extra help in the winter freeze.

Are your garden pots prepared?

Don’t panic yet, its easy to sort out!

You need to protect pots and their contents so they can thrive in spring.

You will need to wrap pots to shield their roots from freezing temperatures. You can use a variety of things including bubble wrap and membrane.  Or you can mulch your plants with straw, fertiliser, or bark chippings. See our Black thicker geotextile membrane(non-woven) – Allows water through and breathable; perfect winter protection. Within activated carbon this geotexile will not be damaged by UV rays and can be reused time and time again.

Sheltering Pots

Do you have a more sheltered spot for the potted plants to be moved too? By the house can help to provide shelter and warmth. Make sure you are aware that some pots can be susceptible to cracking and breaking if frozen, to avoid this it is best to buy a frost resistant pot. These are usually the glazed kind. Best be careful if you want to move any pots that has been in situ for a while; check for cracks before lifting. You can also invest in some pot feet; this will elevate the pots so that they can drain easily and protect them from freezing temperatures from the ground below. Especially if the pots are on a patio or paved surface. Be careful with watering in a cold snap you don’t want plants to be saturated that can then lead to freezing.

Wrapping Pots

Covering plants is also another option, young plants may need wrapping to help then through the hardest parts of winter. Geotextile membrane is perfect, allows moisture through and is breathable. Simple cover the vulnerable plant in the membrane loosely then tie in place. To add some more shape and structure you could also use garden canes to create a tent like effect. Using the canes as the poles to wrap your membrane around. See below our Geotexile membrane (non-woven) – sizes to suit your needs – white colour allows in sunlight for those sunny winter days. 2.25m width – choose your length 1.1m width- choose your length Remember to knock off any snow that accumulates over your pots or greenhouse as the winter snows appear.

After we have weathered the winter old we can then look ahead to health potted plants ready for spring.

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