Garden Autumn/Winter Prep

Now September is well and truly with us its time to prioritise some jobs for the garden; you could leave it to its own devises but doing a bit of preparation ca really help to prepare plants and soil for next growing season.

Want to look after your winged garden friends?? Install some bird boxes and feeders (preferably out of the cat’s way)

Plant spring bulbs (I’ve gone a bit mad with crocus/daffodils/hyacinth this time and still itching to get more)

Cut back perennials (those plants that continue to flower year after year)

Clear leaves and start composting

Net ponds to stop leaves clogging up the water

Clean out water butts and get ready to benefit from the autumn showers

As it gets into winter remember to:  

Raise pots off the ground to prevent freezing

Move potted plants inside or to a more sheltered location

Put down a layer of mulch

Cover vulnerable plants with a textile membrane (see some tips on this below)

Covering plants with a textile membrane

Covering plants with a textile membrane will stop plants being frozen by keeping the plant warm.

It is best to drape fabric over a frame to stop the membrane touching the plant. The fabric should reach the ground to help trap heat from the soil. Its best to make sure that the fabric is then removed later in the day to prevent condensation building up that can then freeze as temperatures decrease again. For example from the day time temperature to the night time temperature.

These geotextile membranes can also be kept and reused to time and time again. They can be used to cover early seeds in spring, new fabric for hanging baskets, prevent weeds, help to keep those slugs and snails away from new seedlings.

Being prepared will help your garden bounce back in spring! A little prep is all you need!!

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