Garden finishing touches – Garden Edging

Flexible edging

Garden edging is a versatile product that can keep lawns from invading garden beds also keeping gravel and soil separate.

It is also an aesthetic product that can really add to any garden design. Making a clear definition between planting and other areas.

At Spudulica we offer 2 types of garden edging –

Stella green edging available in 60mm or 45mm in either black or green finish. Come sin 80cm lengths that fit together easily; they also come supplied with fixing pegs. This product is easy to install and can create curved and straight lines. This product is also made from recycled plastics and is also fully recyclable.

Aluminium garden edging available in 64mm height in 2m lengths with 2 fixing pins and connectors supplied. Aluminium edging is the finishing touch to any high-end garden design. It allows you to not only separate garden areas but provide that talking point. Aluminium edging is easy to install with pins and can also be manipulated to do curves and bends. It is also works well with resin bound stone areas.

Why not a have a look and help define areas within your garden, not only a practical but aesthetic soultion that anybody can do.


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