Garden Incentives a Part of the Future of Gardening?

Professor Ross Cameron, said: “Gardens account for a third of all our urban areas and are vital spaces in terms of keeping our buildings and city environments cool in summer, absorbing rain to avoid flash flooding and providing an important refuge for wildlife.” He suggested gardeners with a home full of plants should receive financial incentives.

This raises a lot of questions. On one hand its our gardens and we do what we want to do; but in this crunch time of global warming and changes in climates would it be a quick and easy way to start to make a change.

Start local and build to help globally.

Would financial incentives be the way to build  culture of healthy natural gardens?

Who knows but its does give us food for thought.

Areas of artificial grass, paving and other impermeable garden solutions are usually low maintenance options and of course many people are resistant to change.  There are many easy options that can easily make your garden more naturally green to help the environment.

Permeable paving – EcoGrid

Harvest rain water with  diverters and water tanks

Big changes don’t happen overnight and new alternatives need to be made accessible and affordable for everyone for things to change. An incentive will definitely help, help those who want to add to their existing garden and help those who have a yard to create a mini haven.


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