Garden Membrane FAQ’s Geotextile, Landscape, Weed Suppression Fabric, Drainage,layer

What do I need geotextile membrane for?

Geotextile membranes are a versatile construction fabric that is used for drainage, filtration, reinforcement, separation and to prevent erosion. The fabric is placed in sub bases of many projects.

What projects need woven membrane?

Woven membrane is a strong durable fabric consisting of plastic tapes woven together to form a fabric. This fabric has low permeability and high strength. Making it perfect for erosion and slope control, separation in roads or high traffic areas or weed prevention due to its UV stability.

How will I know when I will need a heavier weight membrane?

Do you need to consider loading, level of traffic and exposure when considering a GSM weight of your fabric.

How long will a geotextile last?

If installed well a fabric can last 20 years

Is there a way I have to lay my geotextile fabric?

The fabrics do not have a specific way round they need to be laid, just be sure any rocks/stones and plants are removed before putting down then consider how to secure.

How do I secure my geotextile?

Pin, pegs, overlap, tape


How do I work out how much geotextile I need?

L  x   W =M2 area

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