Garden Water Storage Solutions

Why not harvest your rainwater?

It is easy to save water from your down pipe to your chosen water storage.

It also allows you to help the environment locally by saving your water from saturating the ground. Plants love rainwater and its not got added chlorine like your tap water and it is an easy solution to save water and money.

Buy a water butt!

They come in lots of shapes and sizes, easy to fit into what space you have. They also come in a range of styles and colours for every budget.  You can really get one to blend in with your garden or make a statement by having it as part of your garden planning.

Especially a life saver when it is a summer drought and hose pipe ban, its make sense to save what water you have for those dry times. We all know the UK weather can provide us a plentiful supply of water! How many times have we all been out and about and made it home drenched?

It is also easy to regulate water in your water butt with a diverter kit, this small set of plastic bits can allow water into your water butt and then when its full the diverter kit will stop more water entering the water butt. Its well worth doing so you do not have to run out in the rain to take the top off your water butt for it to be filled.

Another handy addition to a water butt is a tap, they are usually mounted at the bottom of the water butt to allow you to easily access any water held within. Also stops your arms getting tired holding your watering can as it fills.

Have a look at what we have to offer at Spudulica Home and Garden –

Just be sure to make sure your water is used in the water butt; you do not want a build up of leaves or debris inside. This can cause home to garden nasties that can poison plants. They can also leave the water butt green and smelly.


Lets use that natural resource to make your plants and veggies grow!



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