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Gardening term – Jargon Busting

2018 is the year of the garden and if you’re just starting out on your gardening journey you may be unfamiliar with some of the terms used for plants. So, this week we are focussing on some of these terms and explaining them for us newbies. Perennial –  A plant that lives for a few years that will grow and flower every year Annual – A plant that will live only one year and will die in winter, it will need to be replaced each year. Biennial – A plant with a 2year life cycle it will usually flower in the second year Companion Planting – growing plants close to each other to benefit all plants e.g. Attracting pollinating insects Cutting – Taking a part from one plant and growing another from it e.g. From a root or leaf of another plant Propagation – Growing a plant from another plant e.g. creating plants from root cuttings Fertiliser – A product applied to the soil to help supply nutrients to the plants Herbaceous – Posh name for herbs Hardiness – The ability of the plant to survive harsh conditions Hybrid – A plant or vegetable created from a mixture of two other plants to provide the best characteristics from both. Organic – Work with nature not against it. Anything grown or produced to keep to organic standards to create ecological balance and biodiversity. Variegated – A mixture of different colours possibly displayed on the leaves Weeds – Anything that grows Yield – To produce and the amount produced Just a few you might come across in the start of your gardening adventure, I’m sure there are more so in the future they may be another jargon buster uploaded. 2018 the year of the garden!! Let’s Go!

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