Gardens In January – 2022

January 2022

Happy New year! So, January is not the best gardening month, but it is a good time to prep for the rest of the year. 2022 has started (maybe not how we wanted) but it’s the time to investigate January jobs for the garden. Firstly, the weather is forecast to be horrible so let make sure we are all keeping warm and remember we can always wait for a clearer day. You can always use your time indoors to make plans for the year ahead, new beds, pots to fill or plants to buy. You could also get started on sowing seeds indoors.      

January jobs don’t forget –

  1. Mulch plants
  2. Aerate the soil
  3. Weeding (yes, they don’t let up even in the winter)
  4. Take up unwanted plants
  5. Clean and store unused pots
  6. Prune grapes vines/gooseberries
  7. Tidy borders and pots
  8. Wrap and move vulnerable potted plants
  9. Dead head winter flowering plants
  10. Keep watering pots and containers – be careful with the amount of water
  11. Sow any early veg seeds in greenhouses

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