Geotextiles Recap

Geotextiles – Does your project need them?

Geotextile membranes (non-woven) are a great product that can have many uses within your garden or outdoor project. From soakaway crates, weed prevention, and filtration to name a few. With this variety of uses do they meet your requirements? How will you use them?

Just a quick blog to answer those questions.

What is a geotextile membrane?

A geotextile membrane is a specialist man made fabric used for specialist purposes within the ground. Geotextile membranes are permeable and resistant to soils acid/alkali PH and to rot.

Non-woven membranes are usually thermo bonded

What is it used for?

A geotextile membrane has many properties and can reinforce, protect, and help with drainage within the soil.

How to install?

Geotextile membrane is usually used on top of a sub base that needs to be prepared by levelling out and removing large stones.

Roll or lay out your membrane over the prepared surface.

Make sure the membrane is flat and stretched tight.

Membranes can be pinned down when geotextile is positioned correctly to keep the tension.

For a large area membrane can be overlapped to ensure even coverage, these edges can also be secured with tape to stop gaps when introducing the next layer.

Now your ready to add you next layer to your project.


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