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From a novice to novice Do you gaze out of your window/French doors/julienne balcony/back door at your yard/garden/ patio/window sill/shared garden and wish to see something out there? (something you created anyway; not bare bricks broken patio furniture and old bbq’s). So why not; no excuses! Gardening doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Just a little bit of will and some attention is needed. You can even get the kids involved! (see one of our previous blogs for info) We are all rushing about but getting started can only take minutes. Firstly, get out in your space and try and imagine what you would like to see, flowers? Herbs? Something green? (also if you do only have a balcony then maybe just lean out a bit). Basic tools needed – kids-tool-set-butg-shovel-fork-bag Fork/spade/trowel (I honestly use a child’s set given to my daughter by a neighbour) Watering can/ hose Gloves (up to you) You can start in a pot/planter or just choose a spot clear of grass and weeds. Mix some of your compost in with the trowel or fill up your pot/planter ¾ way up. Then plant some small plants into the space/pot and water well; (you could do seeds but they take longer to propagate and need more attention). Bulbs are also an easy one; just check on the packet when to plant and how. Just water them thoroughly after planting. Also these plants and bulbs need not be expensive you can pick up bulbs in discount shops on the high street they have a good selection just be aware some bulbs are more expensive than others so to keep costs down they only put 5 sometimes less in each bag. Whereas others can have 40! As an aside on cost it is also easy to buy plants from supermarkets and high street shops. If you do get a chance go to a local nursery they are usually cheaper than garden centres, as they grow their own stock themselves. I’m not knocking garden centres they are great for a wander round and their staff usually can give you a few pointers. They usually have greater selection of plants but the cost can be a large % more. Plants that do well in pots – Cosmos, Hosta, Marigolds, Begonias and herbs. Hanging Basket Ideas –  Fuchsia, Pansies, Geraniums, Lobelia Other things that are easy to grow are sweet peas, nasturtium, sunflowers, nigella and pansy’s As we come into the end of summer you can also plant bulbs to come out for autumn for example crocus dahlia cyclomen and snowdrop. (this is something I’m going to try to keep the interest in the garden through to the winter months, hoping to extend the joy past the summer!) At home, we have gone from a bare concrete yard with bare brick walls to a space filled with pots and some wall beds. This year I have added some wall baskets and added some more plants. After having to clear out a mint plant that had taken over a large proportion of space. It easy to start, just remembering to water new plants and bulbs especially if the sun is out. Pots and wall baskets can drain easily so may need a bit of extra water too. Just give it a go, giving you a chance to improve your spaces whatever they are. And giving you something to enjoy and grow! Every plant and flower will give you such a feeling of success there will be no stopping you! So what you waiting for …….. get gardening!!! Amy – (frugal and novice gardener)

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