Garden Manhole Covers: How to Hide Drain Covers in a Lawn

Another new item to our catalogue at Spudulica Home and Garden are our Grass Manhole Covers.

What are garden (or grass) drain covers?

A great product to improve your outdoor spaces.

Grass top covers are specially designed to help grass or plants grow, allow drainage and cover any ground access holes. This prevents the need for unsightly iron or metal manhole covers in your lawn or garden.

How do grass drain covers work?

These specialised access/drain covers have been specially made to create a more seamless finish within your garden. Each cover can take vehicular traffic and has built-in lifting keys.

These recessed access covers are ready to install in your lawn then fill with soil and grass seed.  The grass drain cover has pre-drilled holes in the recessed tray base to allow water drainage. The tray base also has 2 layers of specialist membranes to facilitate drainage but also keep soil and tray contents in place. The 80mm+ depth is a great depth for growing grass. These covers can also be used for areas that also need drainage, but won’t be grassed for example bark, gravel. The recess will hold the bark and gravel in place.

The manhole covers are also designed with easy lift handles for those times when access is required. They will easily lift and allow you to keep the soil/bark/chippings in one place. The cover is galvanised steel to prevent rusting.

The access covers are also supplied with the frames so they will fit securely into your garden once installed.

How to measure your access cover

When choosing your cover be aware sizes given are the opening size. The overall size of the cover will be bigger. See all sizes available below. Don’t forget:

Clear opening size = hole in the frame

External dimensions/overall frame size = total measurement with frame included

What do I measure for my garden cover?

To get this measurement from a circular cover, remove the cover and measure from the inside walls of the frame from one side to the other across the opening.

A square or rectangular cover measurement is again after the cover has been removed from the frame. Measure the width and the length from the inside walls of the frame and also the height of the frame.

These will both give you an accurate size for the clear opening of the new cover you need.

Overall size of the frame does not automatically mean that the clear opening size will be the same as you currently have.

Measure the opening size to determine your requirements!

Do not assume it will be the same when replacing an old cover.

Grass drain cover sizes – available from

How do I install a grass access cover? – Fitting steps

  1. Remove old lid and utilise hammer to remove the old frame and cement holding it in place (don’t fall into hole)
  2. Mix your premixed cement with some water to make a cake mix type slightly stiff consistency
  3. Add the mix around the hole where the cover will sit
  4. Place the cover down on the mix and use the hammer gently to level the cover into the mix at the same height as the surrounding grass
  5. Allow the mix to set overnight
  6. Fill the cover and surrounding ground with your topsoil / compost. Fill level if using seed or 20mm lower than surface if using rolled turf
  7. Spread grass seed and wait for growth or roll out turf and compact into the cover and surrounding ground.
  8. Job done! All in all, maybe 2 hrs work and a great result.

So, if you have an annoying cover right in the middle of your lawn or gravel area – these are for you!

Check out our full range of grass manhole cover solutions.

Any questions please call our friendly team – 0151 515 1415

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